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Cover from $17.18* weekly

Cover from $34.36* fortnightly

Cover from $74.70* monthly

* This price is based on a singles membership in NSW (varies from State to State). Price for customers eligible for the 30% Australian Government Rebate and nil Lifetime Health Cover loading. Rebate levels vary from 0% to 40%, which you can change when you get a quote. Minimum payment frequency is fortnightly. Please click here for information on your payment options.

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If you want to get back a bit more than our other Top Extras covers on an extensive range of services including major dental, orthodontics, pharmaceutical, podiatry, dietetics, speech therapy, hearing aids and much more.

What's included?

Comprehensive cover for a wide range of health services and items, including major dental, orthodontics, podiatry, health appliances, and more. You'll get 85% back of the charge at Members' Choice Providers for eligible services up to your annual limit.

Purchase with...

Top Extras 85 can be purchased on its own or with a hospital cover of your choice.

We'll pay benefits towards the items and services listed in the table below. It shows the relevant waiting periods and the annual limits that apply per person per calendar year under each level of cover.

Services Annual $ limit covered: Waiting period:
Ambulance services

100% cover under all levels of extras

No annual limit 2 months
General dental (includes preventative treatment, dental examinations, scale & clean) No annual limit 2 months
General dental (surgical dental procedures) 12 months
Optical items

100% back up to your annual limit on frames, prescription lenses and contact lenses

$250 6 months

Includes consultations, group pilates & hydrotherapy sessions

$700 2 months
Chiropractic $500 2 months
Osteopathy 2 months
Natural therapies

Consultations for naturopathy, acupuncture & remedial massage

Consultations for myotherapy, reflexology, kinesiology, Chinese & Western herbalism, exercise physiology, shiatsu, aromatherapy, homeopathy, Bowen therapy & Alexander technique & Feldenkrais.

$400 2 months
Major dental
  • Endodontic services (eg. root canal)
  • Periodontics (i.e. treatment of gum disease)
  • Crowns, dentures & bridges
  • Major restorative fillings (eg. veneers)
$1200 12 months
Orthodontic treatment

eg. braces
(More Info >)

$1,000 opening balance top up of $500 per year up to $3,000 lifetime limit 12 months
Prescription Pharmaceuticals (non-PBS)

Includes most prescribed items not subsidised by the Government (non-PBS items). Benefits will be paid after a set charge has been deducted

$600 2 months

Includes specified orthotics

$500 2 months
Dietetics $500 2 months
Clinical psychology $500 2 months
Occupational therapy $500 2 months
Speech therapy $500 2 months
Eye therapy $500 2 months
Breathing appliances

Peak flow meters, nebulisers & spacing devices

$250 12 months
Blood glucose monitors & blood pressure monitors

100% back up to your annual limit

24 months
Hearing aids $1200 36 months
Health appliances and external prostheses

eg. insulin delivery pens

$500 2 months
Laser eye surgery - -
Health subscriptions - -
Health screening services - -
Private hospital accident & emergency facility fees - -
Home nursing - -
Access to health resources Online Health Hub, Mobile Health Apps

^ Major dental - higher annual limits apply to major dental treatment received in WA for Top Extras 70, Top Extras 85 and Ultra Health Cover.
Please call us on 134 190 for more details.
Please note, Members' Choice extras providers may not be available in some areas. Find your nearest Members' Choice provider.

Percentage back at Members' Choice providers  

When you visit a Members’ Choice extras provider for eligible services, you’ll get a percentage back of the charge (up to applicable limits). The percentage back you get will depend on the level of cover you choose – the higher the cover, the higher the percentage back.


Plus at all optical retailers, you can claim 100%** back on a range of glasses or contact lenses regardless of your level of extras cover. Find out more about Members' Choice.

** For eligible services up to your annual limit.Waiting periods apply.

Orthodontic entitlement

You start with an opening balance in the first year and you’re topped up with an additional amount each full calendar year of membership (excluding any waiting periods) up to a maximum lifetime limit for your level of cover. Once you've served your 12 month waiting period, you can claim up to 100% of your balance.

Fixed benefit at non Members' Choice providers

A fixed benefit is the maximum amount we’ll pay for each service or item (up to applicable limits) and it may be less than the providers charge. Generally, the higher the level of cover you choose, the higher the fixed benefit which will help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

Annual limits

This is the maximum amount we'll pay for items or services in a calendar year. The benefit we pay for a particular item or service may be less than the annual limit and less than your provider's charge, which means you may have out-of-pocket expenses to pay.

Benefit replacement period

Benefit replacement periods may apply for some services/items. More information on benefit replacement periods.

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